Audeze LCD2 Closed Back Planar Headphone Now Available – See Features, Specs and Where to Buy

Audeze recently released their newest member of their popular LCD series headphones – the Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back headphone. According to Audeze, the LCD2 closed-back version builds on the classic sound of the LCD-2; but offers increased isolation and reduced ambient noise producing a private and immersive experience. The design looks very much the same with the LCD2 Classic open back version, from the headband section, gimbals and the chassis. Except that the closed back version, well, is basically closed; meaning the ear cups are covered and sound won’t leak out. In terms of pricing, it’s positioned in between the LCD-2 Open and LCD2 Classic Open. You can check it out at here.

Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back Planar Headphone

Though we still haven’t get the chance to test and audition the new LCD2 closed-black headphone, I’m more positive that its sound signature will be (slightly) different compared to the open back version. According to Audeze, the LCD2 Closed has incredible bass response due to the 100mm planar driver and its closed back nature. Aside from having an “incredible bass response”, the bass section is also said to be deep, controlled and intensely powerful, yet it will be accurate and delicate when needed. Despite its “powerful bass”, Audeze dubs it as “the most neutral closed back headphone available”.

In terms of built quality, the Audeze LCD2 feature crystal-infused nylon rings that are rugged, paired with the company’s new steel suspension that is lightweight and memory foam ear pads for comfort. It’s a planar magnetic headphone and it uses Audeze’s proprietary magnet array structure, combined with the company’s FAZOR phase management. They use powerful Neodymium N50 magnets and an ultra-thin diaphragm in a 106mm transducer size. The LCD2 Classic doesn’t have a FAZOR phase, but the LCD-2 open has.

The new Audeze LCD2 closed-back, LCD2 Classic (open) and LCD-2 open back are priced closely, with a $100 price gap, at least based on MSRP. The LCD2 Classic currently retails for $799 (MSRP), followed by the new LCD2 closed at $899 and the more premium one the LCD-2 open at $995. You can check out the LCD2’s latest pricing and availability via the link below.

Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back Headphone Specifications

AudezeLCD2 ClosedLCD2 ClassicLCD-2 Open
StyleOver-ear, closed-backOver-ear, open-backOver-ear, open-back
Transducer typePlanar magneticPlanar magneticPlanar magnetic
Magnetic structureProprietary magnet arrayProprietary magnet arrayProprietary magnet array
Phase managementFAZORN/AFAZOR
Magnet typeNeodymium N50Neodymium N50Neodymium N50
Diaphragm typeUltra-thinUltra-thinUltra-thin
Transducer size106 mm106 mm106 mm
Maximum power handling15W15W15W
Maximum SPL>130dB>130dB>130dB
Frequency response10Hz - 50kHz10Hz - 50kHz10Hz - 50kHz
THD<0.1% @ 100dB<0.1% @ 100dB<0.1% @ 100dB
Impedance70 ohms70 ohms70 ohms
Sensitivity97dB/1mw (at Drum Reference Point)101dB/1mw (at Drum Reference Point)101dB/1mw (at Drum Reference Point)
Minimum power requirement>100mW>100mW>100mW
Recommended power level1 - 4W1 - 4W1 - 4W

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