Cayin N5iiS DAP Coming, To Replace N5 II – See Features, Specs and Price (UPDATED)

Cayin will be releasing or rather replacing their mid-range portable audio player, Cayin N5 ii, with the new N5iiS or N5 ii S. The Cayin N5iiS is very much like its predecessor but with some few changes or upgrades. According to Cayin, one reason why they are releasing the N5iiS is because “of a premature shortage of key components”. This also means it’s the end for N5ii, since it will “evolve” to N5iiS. Check out what’s new, the price and what changes we can expect on the new N5iiS below.

Update: The Cayin N5iiS is now available. You can grab one from Amazon here.

Cayin N5iiS Hi-Res Portable Digital Audio Player Coming

Looking at the new DAP, the Cayin N5iiS is very similar with its predecessor the N5ii. But upon closer inspection, we can see that the new N5iiS is a little bit larger or taller than the N5ii. This is because of the new display, a 3.5″ LG panel IPS TFT screen with a resolution of 800×400. The colors and contrast is noticeably better compared to the N5ii’s display. The rest of the physical buttons and the layout is similar.

Inside the new Cayin N5iiS, it now has 2GB DDR3 RAM; doubled compared to the N5ii 1GB memory. This should improve the smoothness and efficiency of the system’s operation. The internal storage has also been doubled, from 32GB to 64GB; giving more space for third party applications. Some apps requires more storage especially while in the offline mode of streaming service.

Cayin has also replaced the Tantalum capacitors power filter in the analogue section of the N5ii. The N5iiS will now have tantalum-polymer capacitors. The effect of this is that the N5iis will have a darker background and cleaner audio performance, enhanced conductivity and further reduction of the ripple effect from power interference. This should result in a cleaner audio signal and noise-free background.

The Cayin N5iiS will also sport an upgraded 3.5mm and 2.5mm socket using CUI from US; offering better conductivity and lower distortion. You’ll also notice that the body has also changed. Cayin will be using stainless steel chassis for better texture and solid handling. Aside from the size difference, this will also be indicator of their difference.

Cayin has upgraded the USB cable and you’ll get a higher quality braided Type-C to Type-A cable with the N5iiS. And finally, the pleather protective case will be provided as a standard accessory.

Cayin N5ii owners shouldn’t worry about support discontinuation. Cayin will provide after-sales support for both the old N5ii and the new N5iiS, including future firmware updates.

Cayin N5iiS DAP Price and Availability

As for pricing, the new Cayin N5iiS will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $499.99 USD and it should be available in the market towards the end of July.

Update: The Cayin N5iiS is now available. See its latest pricing and availability at here.

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