HiBy R6 Pro Hi-Res Music Player – Specs, Price and Release Date

HiBy Music is preparing to release their latest flagship Hi-Res portable digital audio player – the HiBy R6 Pro. It’s the successor or rather the improved version of their current flagship the HiBy R6. The older HiBy R6 and upcoming R6 Pro looks similar, but the R6 Pro comes with added features and improvements. Check down below and find out more about the HiBy R6 Pro.

HiBy R6 Pro Hi-Res Music Player Specs Price and Release Date

HiBy R6 Pro Portable DAP Features and Specifications

The HiBy R6 Pro is said to run on Android 8.1 operating system. It’s not the latest Android version, but an improvement from the R6. It will also feature Corning Gorilla Glass on both front and back of the player. The body is made from stainless steel vacuum plating process, but the design and general look and feel is similar to the HiBy R6. The top portion looks different due to the added output port.

The HiBy R6 Pro will feature the new 4.4mm balanced output; 750mW + 750mW @ 32Ω. Sony first adapted the 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced output (if I am not mistaken) and I think this will stay and will become the new standard for balanced interface. Currently, balanced interface is using a 2.5mm size. It’s smaller than the unbalanced / single ended 3.5mm; and could mean less contact area. The 4.4mm offers greater reliability and interface resistance due to its size.

The company will also be using the low-ESR Panasonic capacitor and ELAN’s professional audio electrolytic capacitor for improved output capability. It will also use high quality audio J-FET input dual operational amplifier MUSES8920. As for wireless connection, it will feature LDAC HD Bluetooth transmission for those who want to enjoy their music wirelessly.

These are the only information we know at this point. We will learn more about the HiBy R6 Pro when it is officially released. Other specs are printed on the images posted here. Again, I think the R6 Pro is not the “next generation” but rather an “improved” version of the R6. I’m not sure if upgrading from the R6 to the R6 Pro would be worth it, but if you don’t own an R6 yet, you might want to hold off and wait for the R6 Pro to be released.

HiBy R6 Pro Price and Release Date

According to earlier reports, the HiBy R6 Pro was planned to be released late November. However, it’s already December and we don’t see it released officially yet. Perhaps the company is planning to release the R6 Pro this Christmas season, or perhaps early next year, or at CES 2019. I don’t think they need to rush, as long as they are ironing things out. Rushed products tend to have issues and sometimes could lead to a product’s failure.

The price for the HiBy R6 Pro is not final as well. But according to estimates, it could be priced at around $600 to $650 USD.

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