Hidizs AP80 Hi-Res Portable Music Player – Features and Specifications

Hidizs will be releasing a new “mini” Hi-Res portable music player called – the Hidizs AP80. This portable player is small, it’s cute, but it’s capable of playing various audio formats. I think the AP80 will be positioned in between their AP60 series and AP200 DAP. The AP200 currently retails for around $299 USD, while the AP60 II and AP60 Pro retails for $109 and $129 respectively. If it’s positioned in between these two products, perhaps the AP80 might be priced at around $200 USD more or less. But enough of speculative pricing and let’s see what the Hidizs AP80 is made of.

UPDATE: The Hidizs AP80 is now available on Amazon.com here

Hidizs AP80 Portable Hi-Res Digital Audio Player Coming!

The Hidizs AP80 is small and very portable, similar to what the AP60 is offering in terms of portability. However, the AP80 features a completely new and stylish design, unlike the AP60 and AP200. It features a 2.45″ touch screen display; more or less the dimension of this portable DAP is just around 2″ x 2″ more or less, and the thickness of its body is just 13mm. The body is made of CNC aluminum-alloy frame.

Under the hood, the Hidizs AP80 features an ESS SABRE ES9218P DAC chip and supports both lossy and lossless audio formats; from 32bit/384kHz up to DSD128. Although, I’m not sure if it’s native DSD or the DSD is converted to PCM on playback. It also has an SNR of 126dB and a THD of -113dB.

The AP80 uses HiBy operating system (HiBy 3.0 Linux version) with HiBy Link, providing smart control and user friendly user interface. The screen is touch-enabled, so you only need to tap and swipe. The only physical controls on the AP80 are the volume wheel; previous, next and play/pause buttons. Another interesting feature is it has an FM function, something that we don’t see on modern DAPs nowadays. It also has a clock function and there’s also theme options.

In terms of storage and connectivity, the Hidisz AP80 has one microSD card slot, USB Type C port, a 3.5mm headphone port, and a two-way Bluetooth 4.1 connection for wireless connectivity. And yes, it does support aptX lossless connection. According to Hidizs, the battery life is around 15 hours or 35 days when on standby. But expect actually battery life to be lower depending on use.

Hidiz AP80 Price and Availability

Hidizs hasn’t announced its retail price yet. Our speculative retail price is probably around $200 USD or less, considering the price of the AP60 and AP200. The company didn’t also announced when they would release this product. Probably by Q3 2018, but hopefully not Q4.

UPDATE: The Hidizs AP80 is now available on Amazon.com here

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8 Responses

  1. Philippe MALLET says:

    I have one question concerning Hidtzis AP80: when listening to the radio mode, can you use Bluetooth Head phones or is it compulsory to use wired haedphones ?. In other words, does it use the cable of headphone as an antena.

    Thank you for yr reply.
    Kind regards

  2. Ronald Villalobos Espinoza says:

    Me gustaria poder tener uno de ellos, es precioso y un producto muy bien elaborado.

  3. Robin Edward Gow says:

    I have tried to contact Hidizs on several occasions in order to find out the specifications for adding an SD card to extend the memory – Do you know what the requirements are? (ie. SD, SDHC, SDXC and max memory size accepted etc). Hope you can help!

  4. Anthony Griffiths says:

    Can I connect and play all my music, YouTube playlists, spotify,,anything, from my smart phone to the Hidiz A80 via its Bluetooth connection? Like the shanling MO dose?

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