HiFiMAN HE6se Planar Magnetic Headphone Released – With Improved Aesthetics and Comfort

The HiFiMAN HE1000se is not the only headphone that will be getting a new version, or special edition. The company also reinvigorate one of the company’s classic favorite (HE6), now in the form of the new HiFiMAN HE6se planar headphone. The HE6 was considered to be one of the most natural and transparent headphones in the market and it would be a shame if we didn’t see any follow up or successor of this headphone. Dr. Fang Bian, CEO and Founder of HiFiMAN, constantly seeks on new ways how he can improve his products better. With the new HE6se, the company is introducing several improvements in the area of comfort, aesthetics and design. More details below.

HiFiMAN HE6se Planar Magnetic Headphone

The HiFiMAN HE6se features 3.5mm connectors that are angled at 10° to lessen the pressure points associated with straight-angled connectors. This is true to all of HiFiMAN’s new products / headphones. These pressure points sometimes stress the connection, but the new design ensures a solid, reliable, and long lasting link between the headphone and the cable.

Another obvious change found on the new HE6se, is the redesigned headband section and improvements on its overall looks and aesthetics. The new gun metal gray satin finish is elegant and visually appealing, and it certainly made the HE6se look better compared to its predecessor.

In terms of sound quality and performance, the HiFiMAN HE6se maintains the original model’s exceptional sonic characteristics, in particular its wide, natural soundstage that puts the listener in the best seat in the house. Imaging and depth are neutral, staying true to the artist’s and producer’s intended sound.

Unlike the HE1000se, and most of HiFiMAN’s easy to drive planar headphones; the HE6se headphone requires a powerful amplifier to drive it. It does have an 83.5 dB sensitivity and a 50 Ohm impedance rating. You definitely want to pair this headphone with an external or portable amplifier to bring out the best of it. Because of this, HiFiMan includes its HE6 adapter with the new model, making it easy to connect the HE6se to nearly any currently available power amplifier.

HiFiMAN HE6se Specifications

Weight: 502 grams/17.7 ounces
Frequency response: 8Hz-65kHz
Sensitivity: 83.5dB
Impedance: 50 Ohm

Accessories Including in box:
HE Adapter for driving the HE6se with a full-size power amplifier
OCC (single crystal copper) 4-pin XLR cable (2 meters/6 feet)
OCC XLR to 6.5mm headphone plug adapter (1 meter/3 feet)
Headphone cable connector
Spare earpad

Price and Availability

The HiFiMAN HE6se Planar Magnetic headphone will come with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,799 USD, and will start shipping next month, September 2018; more or less together with the flagship HE1000se.

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