iBasso DX150 Portable Digital Audio Player Specs, Features and Price

iBasso’s new portable digital audio player is the iBasso DX150. It’s expected to be released towards the end of March 2018. The new DX150 DAP will be powered by a 64bit Octa-core A53 SoC and will run on an Android 6.0 operating system. The DX150 features a dual DAC setup with two AK4490EQ DAC chips, paired with an AMP6 (removable) amp module. Expect that this new DAP will have a number of wired and wireless connections and will support both lossy and lossless audio formats; from PCM all the way to DSD256. Check out more features and specs below.

iBasso DX150 DAP Coming!

DAPs (or Digital Portable Audio Players) with dual DAC setup are common these days, even last year. The iBasso DX150 rocks two AK4490 EQ DAC chip and is powered by an 8-core A53 64-bit RK3368 SoC chip from Rockchip. It runs on a heavily modified Android 6.0 operating system, as you can see from the images. It has 2GB DDR3 memory and a 32GB internal storage. Although, the internal storage is most probably for the operating system and the DAP’s software. There is a microSD card slot for storage expansion. Although it’s not clear what’s the maximum microSD card capacity can it support.

The iBasso DX150 supports PCM format up to 32bits 384kHz and native DSD, from DSD64 up to DSD 256. There’s also a USB DAC function via XMOS Xu208 and Thesycon USB driver. In terms of general features, it sports a 4.2-inch IPS touch screen display with a resolution of 768×1280. It has WiFi 802.11 b,g,n,ac 2.4GHz/5GHz and Bluetooth 4.1. It’s powered by a 4400mAh Li-Po battery by MBELL and supports Quick Charge (PD2.0 / QC2.0); something that I personally wanted to see on DAPs. Battery life is estimated to last up to 10.5 hours depending on use. Finally it measures 128.5mm x 69mm x 19.5mm and weighs around 245 grams.

What about the output ports? Well that actually depends on the AMP module installed. The default is the AMP6 module and below are the specifications:

2.5mm Balanced Output
Output Voltage:4.8Vrms (without load) / 3.7Vrms (32Ω load) / 425mW THD+N <0.001%)
Frequency Response:10Hz-40KHz +/-0.5dB
THD+N:0.00028%,-111dB (without load @2.4Vrms)
0.00032%,-110dB (32Ω load @2.4Vrms)
Dynamic Range:118dB
3.5mm Single Ended Output
Output Voltage:2.4Vrms (without load) / 2.4Vrms (32Ω load) / 185mW THD+N <0.001%)
Frequency Response:10Hz-40KHz +/-0.5dB
THD+N:0.0004%,-108dB (without load @1.2Vrms)
0.0004%,-108dB (32Ω load @1.2Vrms)
Dynamic Range:117dB
Line Out
Output Voltage:2.4Vrms
Frequency Response:10Hz-40KHz +/-0.5dB
THD+N:0.0004% / -108dB (without load @1.5Vrms)
Dynamic Range:118dB

iBasso DX150 DAP Price and Availability

The iBasso DX150 is reported to come with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around $500 USD and will be released towards the end of March 2018.

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