iFi Audio Retro Series Launched – An All-In-One System That Stands Alone

iFi Audio has recently launched a very interesting product for the passionate music lovers – the iFi Audio Retro Series, an all-in-one system that includes the Retro LS3.5 speakers and Retro Stereo 50, an all-in-one valve amplifier with BT, DAC and Phono stage. The Retro Stereo 50 is basically a system can that accommodate multiple source inputs: from Bluetooth aptx (phone/pad) to High-res digital (computer) to vinyl (turntable). Everyone can bring their music and be able to connect to the Stereo 50 and produce music that simply astounds. There really is nothing like the Retro Stereo 50. Meanwhile, the iFi Retro LS3.5 is basically iFi’s 3.0 reboot of the classic BBS LS3/5A which is still now, half a century after its launch still in high demand and revered. It features brand-new tweeter silk dome, proprietary iFi 115mm paper cone wideband driver, advanced amino-plastic acoustic foam and many more. According to the company, “the iFi Stereo 50 “full system” including the Retro LS 3.5 is a match made in audio heaven.”

All-in-one system that stands alone
The remarkable Stereo 50 all-in-one valve amplifier and the bewitching LSS3.5 bookshelf speakers is the first system of the Retro series. Its musicality and flexibility are truly peerless: Bluetooth, USB, SPDIF streaming through to vinyl. All will all be enthralled by the Retro.

iFi Retro Stereo 50 with Retro LS3.5

iFi Stereo 50: all-in-one valve amplifier with BT, DAC and Phono stage

  • 25W+25W pure valve amplifier
  • Burr-Brown True Native chipset: Octa-Speed DSD512/Double-Speed 2xDXD/PCM768 kHz
  • Bluetooth aptX / Intelligent SPDIF® Coaxial/Optical Input, high gain MC/MM phono stage
  • Ultra-Powerful Headphone amplifier : 8V/7000mW or 2V/250mW for iems
  • 3D Holographic Sound for Headphones® AND Speakers® and XBass systems
iFi Retro Stereo 50 front iFi Retro Stereo 50 rear

Stereo 50 Specifications:

Wireless Input
Bluetooth (aptX)1
Digital Input
USB (DSD512/768kHz/2xDXD)1
Coaxial (192kHz)1
Optical (192kHz)1
Analogue Input
Phono(MM/MC Low/MC High/Line 3)1
Line 11
Line 21
3.5mm (share with Line 2)1
Loudspeaker Output1
3.5mm Headphone Output1
6.3mm Headphone Output1
Audio Section
Power output (Music)> 25W* (majority Class A)
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)< 0.2% (@ 2.83V/1W)
Output bandwidth10Hz ~ 60kHz
Frequency Response10Hz ~ 80kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio> Amplifier 101dB (@ max output)
> Phono MM: 90dB(A)
> Phono MC: 80dB(A)
DAC Dynamic Range> 113dB(A)
Tone ControlBass(100Hz) +/-8dB
Treble(10KHz) +/-8dB
Analogue Signal Processing (ASP)XBass, 3D Holographic
Phono Gain38, 50, 62dB
RIAA Accuracy<0.5dB
Tubes2 x ECF82; 4 x EL84X
Digital Section
DSD 512/256/128/6424.6/22.6/12.4/11.2/6.2/5.6/3.1/2.8MHz
FiltersMinimum Phase (PCM 192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz)
Bit Perfect (DXD/PCM 768/705.6/384/352.8)
Analogue (DSD)
Power SupplyAC 100V-240V
Power consumption100W
~0.1W (Standard mode)
Dimensions (W x H x D)300 x 153 x 226mm

iFi Retro LS3.5 Speakers

iFi Retro LS3.5 – classic design, latest technologies for 21st century reboot

  • Proprietary iFi 1” silk tweeter and 4” paper cone driver
  • Time-Aligned, Multi-chamber Voigt design
  • 100% Bamboo cabinet for virtually nil colouration

Retro LS3.5 Specifications:

Freq response:60Hz - 20KHz
Drivers:4.5" (115mm) Paper Cone Wideband Driver
1.1" (28mm) Silk Dome Tweeter
Crossover:10KHz acoustic crossover
no electrical crossover on Wideband Driver
Frst Order High-Pass on Tweeter
Enclosure Principle:Transmission-Line port
Solid Bamboo Enclosure
Acoustic Active Tuning with minimal damping
Size:146 x 268 x 226mm (W x H x D)

The retail price of the Retro full system is US$1,990 (ex-tax) or Euro 2,149 (incl VAT). Check latest pricing and availability on Amazon here.

You can read more information from iFi Audio’s Retro page here.

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